Celebrating the families, professionals and organisations who have committed to making a lasting change for generations to come...with the help of ForeParent UK.

My Own Personal Supernanny :-)

“They helped me to understand that the reactions of my kids had a lot to do with the way I was responding to them and that they were basically following my lead where behaviour is concerned. I had to reflect a bit on the way I was handling things and it wasn't comfortable at times, but they helped me to change my approach and I am seeing the results. I feel more calm and in control now but have a great relationship with my kids at the same time. Their behaviour has improved because I am more in control of mine and I can't thank everyone at Foreparent enough.”

Natasha,  Derby.


“I 'survived' teacher-training due to Sarah's mentorship when I was placed in a really challenging school setting. I didn't feel that I was getting the support I needed from my placement-school and the level of behavioural challenge was something I'd never experienced before, or anticipated. I honestly struggled with it to the point that I began to reconsider whether teaching was even for me. The placement was not going well and I was pretty-much at crisis point when I was referred to Sarah by a friend and she gave me some of the best advice about positive behaviour management (absolutely no shouting involved!!) in classroom settings that has stood the test of time. I'm now lucky enough to be able to pass this knowledge onto newly-qualified colleagues whom I support, having qualified in 2017. She is an absolute pro and it was such a godsend to be supported by her when I felt that others had let me down.

Daniel, Leeds.


“Just a little thank-you for all your help and support. We were facing a very difficult situation in the beginning but we feel we've grown and learned so much.”