Our Story.

Our Identity.

Our Mission.

We are a UK-based consultancy, specialising in bespoke coaching, advisory, training and counselling services in parenting and behaviour-management. We can tailor our support to families, professionals or wider organisations which work with children, young people and families as a whole.



Conceived in 2015 and established in 2019, ForeParent UK was born out of a desire to help address a visible and worrying decline in the sense of belonging, purpose and citizenship among some of society's most vulnerable young people.

Contrary to looking at this superficially, our approach is to 'look beyond the behaviour': We believe that children and young people are products of circumstance, cultural and historical/current context and prior experience and, as such, a large proportion of the accountability for how they develop within this world lies with us or circumstances surrounding or preceding us- whether we're ready and willing to accept this or not!


We are proud to be members of the African-Caribbean community and the African diaspora at large; with that membership comes a depth of cultural knowledge and understanding which enables us to successfully work with families of African-Caribbean descent in a way that other parenting organisations may struggle to, despite their very best intentions: We are well-aware that we exist as a consultancy among a plethora of other organisations which provide similar services to families and organisations around parenting. However, based on our research, few- if any- possess the cultural insight necessary to be able to successfully work with families of African-Caribbean descent, who comprise a community with a unique set of current and historical cultural circumstances which may be often spoken about but are rarely understood, even within the community at times. We have a deep level of insight into the complexities of the current and historical factors which affect the African-Caribbean community and are able to make intrinsic links between these and current family and parenting issues. We also have a wealth of experience of working in some of the most diverse settings in the north of England, as well as London, and therefore welcome enquiries from families of all backgrounds.


Drawing upon our many years of professional and academic experience within Education, Social Services, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, History, Developmental and Child Psychology and working with charitable organisations, we are confident in our assertion that the root of a significant proportion of behavioural issues apparent in young people can be found and also addressed at the parenting level- whether that's current, or embedded deep within the history of any given family, community, or cultural/ ethnic group. Far from 'finger-pointing' or 'blaming' the parent, we understand that there have been and continue to be a complex myriad of separate and interconnecting factors which form our experiences and conscious or unconscious behaviours. The work of ForeParent UK aims to bring a deeper awareness to the often-complex relationship between current or historical parenting experience and the difficulties encountered on the approach to managing 'challenging' behaviour. We also, through raising this awareness, strive to support parents in navigating around those factors which they feel are more outside of their control. We are passionate about empowering parents to 'Do-It-Yourself' with confidence and success, through confidential, frank, non-judgemental, bespoke support and coaching that will enable them to make positive changes now which will last for generations to come- all you'll need is an open mind and a willingness to self-reflect and step outside of your comfort zone to commit to change- expect 'tough love' and no holds barred!

Our guiding principles:


-The Igbo and Yoruba proverb- 'It takes a village to raise a child';  the notion that the capacity to parent effectively transcends biology- everyone has their part to play in the nurturing, guidance, teaching and support of a child.


-Collective work and responsibility- a principle which reminds us that all children within our community should be regarded as our own, and their struggles should be considered a personal concern.


-Finally, we are continually guided by our awareness of how we came to be at this point in time, i.e., the role of our Foreparents (or Ancestors), and the collective knowledge, wisdom, memories and experiences that comprise who are are today. As such, our core belief at ForeParent UK is that the betterment of society as a whole can be achieved by an awareness and execution of these guiding principles and an unwavering commitment to us all carrying out our vital role within 'the village', for the sake of our children.  We believe that strong families within which all members can thrive and achieve their full potential form the basis of strong communities, which can then self-actualise the same...what that would then mean for the society of the future is the stuff of dreams...but not outside of the realms of actuality! 

Are you a parent or family-member who could do with some judgement-free, confidential parenting or behaviour-management coaching or support? Contact us today for a free consultation.

We also extend our support to organisations or other professionals who work with children and young people via our corporate training packages, in line with our guiding principles. Anyone within the village can be a parent- contact ForeParent UK today and let us help you to effectively play your part within it!