Our Availability

Our highly-skilled consultants in are based in South Yorkshire and Hampshire, UK. We'd like to let you know that our in-home support and 'in-person' corporate training packages and workshops are subject to our physical availability.
Our Sheffield-based consultants offer a number of intensive, residential placements to families undergoing parenting assessment by Local Authorities throughout the year and our Hampshire-based consultants teach and support vulnerable young people residing in secure residential and education units within the locality. In between all of this, we remain dedicated to doing our very best for our clients. We'll always let you know- at the point of enquiry- what our immediate availability status is for 'in-person' services. We will also endeavour to make bookings for these for times when we are not involved in supporting any of the aforementioned commitments.
Telephone and online counselling, coaching, advisory and training services are available- by arrangement- all year round.