Our Team

We are a UK-based, bespoke consultancy team, specialising in support, coaching and training in parenting and behaviour-management. We can tailor our support to families, professionals or wider organisations which work with children, young people and families as a whole.

Miss Sarah-Jane Madden 


Co-Founder - Qualified Teacher - Parent Assessor- Foster Carer- Counsellor- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner

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Sarah-Jane is a former Assistant Headteacher from Sheffield. She is passionate about societal development and a strong advocate for the role of early-intervention and targeted, family support as a vehicle for addressing the plethora of social issues that we face today in the UK, which can transcend generations. She firmly believes in the power of effective 'parenting' as a key vehicle to achieving this, whilst acknowledging that 'blaming the parents' is far too dismissive, unfair and inaccurate an assertion to make, given the vast complexities which comprise our society. Sarah-Jane places the 'parent' at the centre, empowering them to understand that they have the capacity to ensure that everything starts- and ends- with them and, through supporting struggling parents to 'get-it-right', their influence can effectively override some of the worst societal adversities.


‘Challenging’ behaviour-management is just one of Sarah-Jane's areas of expertise, having emerged from working in some of the most 'socially-deprived' educational settings in the city of Sheffield. She is also instrumental in supporting and implementing residential parenting assessments on behalf of Local Authorities within her role as a specialist Foster Carer, as well as having a proven track-record of excellence in new-teacher training, the latter of which she has done since 2011.


Sarah-Jane is also an English Grammar specialist; She was instrumental in preparing teaching staff for the highly-controversial Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling changes to the English National Curriculum in 2012 by delivering a series of intensive, subject-knowledge training sessions in Sheffield and Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.


Since the beginning of her teaching career, her teaching style and classroom-management techniques have been regarded as exemplary and as such, a common feature of her career was designing and delivering 'demo lessons'-to specification- so that teachers and trainees could observe her practice, live. Elements of her teaching have also been filmed and used as training-aids for newly-qualified teachers.


Sarah-Jane holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education (PCGE), a Diploma in Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is a Senior Member of the professional body, ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists 

and Hypnotherapists).    


Sarah-Jane is available for cultural-awareness training and public-speaking engagements, on-request.